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Schülerberichte - 2014

Nasa Rover Challenge 2014
Team Russia Highschool
Jonathan Holtmann

Huntsville/Alabama, 07.04.2014

This morning, jogging is not on the menu, as the rain has turned the once comfortably run-able grass into a squishy mess. After eating breakfast, we head to our warehouse and continue assembling our buggy.

Ralf and Tobias go buy the extra parts we need to finish the German team’s rover, while we, the Russian team, almost completely finish building ours. Now the only this left is the non-pneumatic wheels, as the new NASA requirements state that pneumatic wheels may not be used, due to the fact that, when entering space, these would explode due to the pressurized air or gas inside then. At this point it is too late to finish the wheels though, as they take many hours to construct, so we decide to build them tomorrow instead. After eating some noodles and rice for dinner, followed by some yoghurt, we drive back to our hotel.