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We invite all students, parents, teacher, industrials, sponsors, donators and partners of all five ISEI-Teams of the NASA-Moonbuggy-Races 2012.

Saturday, 5th of Mai 2012, start 5 pm
Space Hotel Leipzig, Wurzner Str. 4, 04315 Leipzig

Travellers can book with 30% discount forn all rooms in the Space Hotel (so long there are free accomodations).
book here!



- Laudatio of a prominent ISEI-partner
- short presentations of all teams about their experiences and results
- movie of the most spectacular szenes in USA
- sponsors and partners report about their experiences with this project
- ISEI-Awards 2012
- view into the future / projects for 2012/2013
- Get together – exibition of 3 Moonbuggys (Buggy Nr. 4 is display in the US-Space Center in Huntsville)

also invitation for sunday, 6th of May 2012: Fockeberg-Race with 3 Moonbuggys

Logging: There are pork on the spit and beer from the barrel from a historical truck.

This celebration will held on the open air areal of the International Space Education Institutes (tent, stage, grill, beer-garden-chairs, ...)

Tickets are free for all partner of the Moonbuggy-Project and ISEI-Members.
A written application is important: name/company and count of people.
register here!  

next events 2012:
- 6. May 2012: Fockeberg-Race with 3 Moonbuggys and thousands of visitors in Leipzig
- 10. May 2012: Pressconference and Award Ceremony in Venedig
- 14. May 2012:  4 Moonbuggys at the LVZ Fahrradfest in Leipzig
- 2.-10. Juni 2012: Moonbuggy on the AMI Leipzig (car salon)
- 1. July – 31. August 2012: International Moonbuggy Summerschool Leipzig
- 30.8. – 2.9.2012: Moonbuggy-presentation to the opening of the new Pausdorf-Centers
- 31. August 2012: Moonbuggy-Contest in Leipzig
- 11.-16. September 2012: ISEI-Shop with Moonbuggys on the Berlin Air Show
- 2. December 2012: Moonbuggy-competition in Venedig
- February 2013: Mallorca-Moonbuggy-Trainingscamp