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Education - Summer school

solarwattproductionFrom 2016-2018, the International Space Education Institute has completely switched its building services to environmental technologies. The pupils and students were involved in all processes over this period: production of the collectors, installation, modification, adjustment. Today, the system powers the Jesco von Puttkamer School and the Space Hotel im Campus der JvP-Schule with 5,000 guests annually.

jiger1LoeserSince April 2018, the technology is complete and works excellently. With 95% self-sufficient energy, the entire 5-storey house and the workshop are supplied. There is a photovoltaic (6kW), a solar thermal (11 kW) and a CHP (block heat and power plant) (4.7 / 12 kW) in line. A controller balances the energy flows. The solar thermal makes the complete hot water for showers, laundry and washbasin. With excess solar heat, the pool (10,000 l / 2,700 gal) is heated in summer. During the day, the house is supplied with electricity from solar energy and in cloudy conditions and at night with electricity from the CHP added. All electric heaters were removed.

shematemp2018bhkwIn summer 2018 Germany has very hot weather. Temperatures up to 40°C (104 °F) are currently being measured. Many power plants (coal and nuclear) have to slow down their performance because cooling water is scarce. However, Germany can supply itself here because of the high solar- and wind power production.

That's exactly how the Jesco von Puttkamer School and Space Hotel now work. While we had to buy 1000 - 2500 kWh of electricity from the public every month 2 years ago, there are now 150 kWh only - per month ! We receive about 23 kWh per day from the public and send 18 kWh back. There is currently still a difference of 5 kWh / day. That's about one hour of electric stove use. But we supply 1000 m² / 11,000 ft² of living space with 50 rooms!

The nice thing is: since June, the pool has water temperatures between 26 and 35° C (77-95°F). The children have daily bathing fun - for free. Although the pool is disassembled in the fall, but its water is reused via a buffer in the toilet flush of the Space Hotel. Thus, the pool is drinking-water-neutral and thus supports the water resarvate.

roofecopowerIn the next few months, this technique will be further modified. Additional electrical appliances will be replaced or managed more intelligently via a data bus. At the core, however, a battery (forklift battery) will buffer the excess electrical energy and release it again if necessary. Similarly, an additional 8000 liters (8 tons) of water storage (former heating oil tank) can absorb more summer heat. With this energy, a small district heating network can be set up to treat the hot water of neighboring houses.

The datas:
- CO2 savings: 32 tons / year
- photovoltaic (6kW, so far 10 MWh made)
- Solar thermal energy (11 kW, 18 MWh so far)
- CHP (4.7 / 12 kW)
- Pool for heat dissipation in summer (up to 8 MWh intake)
- Living space: 1000 m² / 11,000 ft²
- Energy self-sufficiency currently 95%
- win: 600-700 €/month + a warm pool

Special thanks to Fa. Dr. Sol Solarsysteme, Solarwatt GmbH, Stadtwerken Leipzig, Klempnerei Karl Hoffmann, Enrico Meissner, Andreas Teetz and all students and parents who helped!