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Huntsville - Space celebrations

Did you know the boss of NASA for the coming manned programs sat at our table at the Berlin Air Show?

todd-may-portraitTodd May is responsible for the new launcher systems, which are going to shoot the next generation of astronauts towards asteroids (2025) and Mars (2030). Thereby he is drawing on already established techniques. That is how the new super rocket becomes a mixture of Saturn V and solid boosters of the shuttle. His company Dynetics, Inc. in Huntsville, Alabama will even get the F1-engine of the moon rocket out of the museum and rebuild it.
How nice that some of you from the first Moonbuggy teams got to know the chief design engineer of this engine personally ¬– then 96 year old Konrad Dannenberg from Weißenfeld, Germany. He was the best man at our, Yvonne’s and Ralf’s, wedding.

altAt the Berlin Air Show we talked about the possibilities of your generation to take an active part in such programs. Also with us were the head of the Chamber of Crafts in Huntsville and a government official of the federal state of Alabama. Each and every one of them acknowledged the International Space Education Institute’s work and the integrity of the current competitive programs from which leading engineers for such programs could emerge.

All of them would like to see you again as best international team members with the greatest efficiency and as potential leaders for more teams on April 25th for the 20th anniversary of the Moonbuggy Races. We have achieved that Huntsville is prepared for an even bigger delegation of German entrepreneurs as sponsors for our Moonbuggy teams. There are going to be functions, programs and a getting to know with US-entrepreneurs. One also wants to make contact economically with companies that are future-oriented and highly flexible towards the new generation.

altRegistrations of partners of the ISEI will be accepted in the headquarters in Leipzig until the end of the year. The costs of this exclusive trip to the USA for corporate members of the International Space Education Institute are only 2.400 Euros including flight, overnight stays, rental car, functions, program and VIP status at the 20th Moonbuggy Race (8 days). Travel dates are 20.-28. April 2012.

Compare the film with the attached photo of the Berlin Air Show.

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