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Student reports - 2012

Tim Rathmann, Moon Buggy Team Germany 2, 2012 High School
International Space Education Institute

Leipzig, 29/03/2012

Photo: Tim RathmannThe trip to the U.S. to participate in the "NASA Great Moon Buggy Race" is very near now and I'm very excited. The last few weeks have been a lot of work and sometimes it was not easy to combine school and the moonbuggy-project, but it worked out well in the end.

There were many worrys before the journey, such as the jump off of a sponsor in January, the lack of an appropriate female driver, technical difficulties, coldness, the drop out of a team member, which was responsible for telemetry or still missing pieces to get our Moonbuggies ready.

Photo: Our Moonbuggy teamsA few final touches to the packaging of the buggies still have to be made but then we are finally ready to go. I am sure that the work we did every week, will pay off and we can fly back to Germany to our sponsors and parents with a good result. We are well prepared and our riders are in top shape!

Notice of the teamleader: Tim designed after 2month-CAD-couse with our russian teammembers a 1:10 scale Moonbuggy. It will be a set for younger students of the age beetween 10-14. At March 26th 2012 we presented one of this set at the NASA Education Center in Huntvsille. Amy was excited. She want to include this set with a manual into the education programm of NASA. Congratulation!

Photo: Tim RathmannPhoto: Yvonne and Tim with Moonbuggy model