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Student reports - 2014
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Nasa Rover Challenge 2014
Team Russia Highschool
Jonathan Holtmann

Assembling the Moonbuggy and a shocking realization
Huntsville/Alabama, 06.04.2014

After a good night’s sleep I get out of bed and go jogging with Mathilda (one of our new team members). About half an hour later we arrive back at the hotel, I take a shower and then go eat breakfast with the others. Afterwards we get in our van and drive to our warehouse, where the guys start assembling the German team’s moonbuggy, while the girls go shopping for food.

While assembling the buggy we come to the shocking conclusion that some parts of the Russian team’s moonbuggy were left in Germany, and that we will have to find replacement parts before the race.

When the girls come back we have lunch and then head out to Spring Farm Days. Here we see re-enactments of how life was in the 18th to early 20th century. We see how wool was made, animals were kept and blacksmiths did their work. After we leave we drive back to the warehouse for some nice chicken barbecue. Once back at our hotel, I collapse in my bed, dead tired.