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Student reports - 2014
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NASA Rover Challenge 2014
Team College Germany
Mathilda Drews

DIY: Non-pneumo-Wheels
Huntsville/Alabama, 08.04.2014

Today we are finally going to make the non-pneumatic wheels required by NASA. After breakfast we head straight out to the hall and after a quick discussion on today’s tasks, everyone gets started.
Since Ralf has to attend some important meetings today, we will be alone in the hall and will have to manage everything ourselves. With Tobias instructions, we will make 8 wheels today.

I film the others while they make them, so we have three video tutorials in the end. One is in Russian, one in English and one in German. First, holes have to be drilled or expanded in an ordinary bicycle rim, so we can fit through a screw. Another hole fits a plastic tube onto the rim. After pulling a steel rope through the tube and the second hole we drilled, we have to tighten it with a special pulley onto the rim. This type of tube is usually used as a pipe when laying cable under the earth’s surface in construction. With cable ties and clamps, we secure the steel rope to the rim. After fitting a common rubber tire around the tube using 2 more steel cables, we are done. The fastest wheel is made in only 20 minutes by Tobias, Vadim and Jonathan. Unfortunately, we cannot test the wheels, as they only withstand three drives before the rope breaks, and we need to save those for the race.

Tomorrow we will hopefully finish the buggies and add all small extra pieces required by NASA, e.g. a flag and iron various badges onto our overalls.

See you tomorrow!