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Schülerberichte - 2012
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Harshmeet Kaur , Sahib Raman Singh
Moonbuggy Team India 2012
International Space Education Institute

Huntsville April 11, 2012

Today we woke up at 6:30 a.m. , got ready and went for the bright side breakfast at 8:50 a.m.
And from there Mr. Ralf took us to the moonbuggy garage , we made the banner and stick all the sponsor’s logos.

image1Then we pasted the sponsor’s logos on our Moonbuggy. Later, we accompanied Mr. Ralf Seeger in clicking the beautiful locations of the small town.

We went to Big spring park, the Panorama Road- Mount Santo and we were on our way to Tennesse river when we got a call for a photo shoot from Mr. Ralf, so we came back to our moonbuggy garage.

image2Also we volunteered today for preparing Indian cuisine as a dinner for everyone in the garage, and we brought Indian noodles “maggi” from our hometown, and prepared the same along with Indian scrambled eggs , and roasted chicken pieces.

While we were busy preparing the dinner, photo shoot of other teams was going on. We went to perform a video on the completion our moonbuggies and then got some pictures clicked for the same.

image3After this whole process, we announced the dinner was ready and served it with a surprise for Mr. Ralf.
After the dinner , Mr. Ralf called a meeting and explained us the schedule for next 3 days. He prepared us with all the pros & cons and gave each minute detail of the competition.

image4After the meeting we packed up and came back to our hotel and to our surprise there was another Indian team , in the hotel for the same competition, Mr. Ralf and we introduced ourselves to our native friends , they were from Punjab Engineering College , Chandigarh , India.

From there Mr. Ralf took them to the moonbuggy garage to show them , what we do , how we do and explained them.

We came back to our rooms and the day was ended.
For more photos for the day , please click on the link below