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Articoli degli studenti - 2012
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Great German Engineers

Team Russia
Moonbuggy team Russia 2012, college
International Space Education Institute

Huntsville April 6th 2012

img1Today we planned to visit three places before lunch, after dinner, work on the moonbuggy.

img2Visited the cemetery of the Huntsville, where were buried the engineers who worked with von Braun, we visited their graves. We made pictures. Ralph told us about the two of them- Ernst Stulinger and Conrad von Danenberg. They were the Von Braun’s right and left hands. Stulenger’d wanted to see engineers from Russia, with whom he had been racing all his life. But when did he came to Moscow can’t put flowers to the Korolev’s grave. Therefore, when the designer's daughter Natalia was in Huntsville, he handed her an envelope with 30 dollars and asked buy flowers and lay them on the grave of his father.

img3Another engineer  Conrad von Danenberg was a 20 years old student  when Iwas a 2nd World War, he was to be sent to the eastern front, and it is already loaded into wagons and sent along with all the front, but at the time did not have enough engineers who can work with a rocket technique, so the government decided to leave in the rear of all professionals. The train, which was the engineer stopped, the general build of all soldiers in the convoy and asked, "Are any of you experts can work with missile technology," and from a huge step ahead of the column made he alone. Since the school he attended in a rocket circle, and these skills saved his life.

img5After the cemetery we went to  misses Stulenger. She was very hospitable and invited us into her house, I saw a live American engineers. Very intelegentny and beautiful home - a spacious room with large window which overlooks a beautiful landscape - with views of the Montesano mountain. The house has a lot of things that reflected the era of the famous - posters signed by Von Braun, family photos, applications of shells, a large library.

Been to the local TV - Huntsvill Educational television. Beautiful studio, very good equipment, the director of the studio we had personally guided tour.У

Dinner went to the garage.

Testing moonbuggy, trained on it. We have problem with the brake problem - fix bad big wheels. After a trip Eugeniy decided to remake the Lock mechanism. Put mud flaps, once again spun all the bolts, check the structural strength. Now we can jump from a height of 40 cm, without fear of resistance. Moved the rear axle, new seats are very hard, tomorrow will have to fill them with foam. The whole evening guys helped other teams to collect and debug their buggy.

In the evening came Terry with his son, arrived from Berlin, Max and Vicki. Max did a great barbecue.

Lock mechanism, we did not finish, left him on the morrow.